Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 30 years later

I had the pleasure of going to a historical sight and paying homage to the honorable Dr. King in his home town of Atlanta, GA. Downtown Atlanta houses the King’s historic district. I had a tour of his home, his neighborhood and the church he grew up in. Watch “The Legacy of Martin Luther King,Continue reading “Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 30 years later”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY : To the owner of Keedie’s Corner

  I would would like everyone to wish Keidra Ponder a very Happy Birthday! The owner of the Daytona Beach based company has grown her movement over the years, One being her recent branch to Atlanta,GA. Her maturity in age only compliments her maturity as a business and as a person, as well. I personallyContinue reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY : To the owner of Keedie’s Corner”

Happy Birthday to the C.E.O.’s mother, Ms.Lena

Every year that passes I’m so grateful to have my mother in my life. Not because she is the best mother, but because she’s my mother. Women are the essence of life, and she is the woman that gave me life. Lena is a woman with much determination and virtue. She was born in Palatka,Continue reading “Happy Birthday to the C.E.O.’s mother, Ms.Lena”