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Artist in the Spotlight: Projeck Bo

This is Mike of Keedie’s Corner and I’m bringing you an exclusive interview from the West Coast. I had the pleasure of speaking with East Los Angeles own Projeck Bo. It’s a pleasure to have you on The Corner, let the viewers out there know who Projeck Bo is.


Projeck Bo is me of course! I’m one of the hottest rappers on the West right now, I’m just coming home from an eight year bid and now I’m back like I never left. If you need a visual, click the link to check out the video for my song “On Da Block” off my mixtape Projeck Muzik Vol.1. All in all I’m just out here trying to make it make sense.

The content of Projeck Muzik Vol. 1 has tough material and real lyrics. The irony of it all is that you’ve actually been incarcerated due to your ties to our neighborhood set. What is your take on individuals living that life for the props and acceptance? Would you say your music is a wake up call for the listeners that need to hear the harsh truth about the streets?

Yea man I did that time but I will never wish that on anyone. I was young and wild, I lived my life a totally different way before prison. Prison is not a place I would ever want to spend another day in, now that I’m out I’m in a better place in my life. I’m not the same person I used to be. It’s a lot of people out here still doing the things I was doing years ago that got me sent to prison. The only thing I can say to them is if you can find a better way to get money, try that way because your life can be taken away from you in mere seconds.

Is your music geared towards a particular crowd or do you reach various listeners with the message in your songs? Is it quote unquote “Gangster Music” or would you say it has a conscious feel?

My music is a mixture of things, I try not to just make music for one particular crowd. I make music for everyone and it’s more than just “gangster rap”. Although it may seem like it’s gangster music, my music is based on my life and things I have been through. Everyone has a story to tell, hopefully everyone can relate to mine.

Now let’s get into Projeck Muzik, can you give a basic description to the viewers about what’s going on from the first volume to the second up and coming volume you’re working on now. What’s the picture your painting with your lyrics? Is it a mixture of tracks put together to tell your story?


Well Projeck Muzik Vol. 1 was an introduction of who Projeck Bo is, where he came from and what he’s been through. Now Vol.2 is a different story, it illustrates how my life changed after doing those eight years in prison. Projeck Muzik Vol. 2 is still about the life of Projeck Bo, it’s just now I have a new agenda.

What are your thoughts on this epidemic of the blood affiliation phenomenon across the country and even overseas? How do you feel about artist claiming sets and mixing gang affiliation with their music?

It’s exactly what I’m speaking on in my music. A lot of these artist are weak, just acting tough. I speak my mind when I see your actions don’t match the content in your songs. It’s a lot of rappers out that are claiming sets and say they’re banging but can’t even step foot in the hood they’re repping. They’re out here wearing their red flags on the right side, calling them bandannas, come on man!

What type of music influenced your upbringing in East LA? Do you have any intentions on stepping outside of California to network and push this Projeck living movement?

I grew up listening to groups like; Murder IV Hire, NWA, Ghetto Boys and artist like 2pac. I’m hitting the South real soon, I plan on going to Louisiana around Mardi Gras time. 2017 is my year to shine.

Do you consider yourself a leader in your community in East LA? Is your music setting the tone for your children, peers and others affiliated with you to follow? What message would you send to them? 

I’m trying to get my city straight, I’m on a positive movement right now. I’m trying to be a role model in this game, someone the kids can look up to. I want to show them it’s not all about where you from, it’s about living life, going to school and getting a career to make sure their families are straight. Let my life lessons be an example for you. As far as everyone else that ain’t kids, all I can say is better days are coming, focus on your money and leave it in God’s hands.

I would like you to finish this sentence 2017 will be Projeck Bo break out year because???

2017 will be my breakout year because I have a lot of doors to break down, I literally did 8 years in prison and I feel like it’s my time to tell my story, it might be the realest story you’ve ever encountered.

It’s been a pleasure chopping it up with you, any last words or shout outs you want to send out to any viewers prior to the conclusion of this interview???

I want to send praises to the most high, I want to thank all my supporters and I want to thank you guys at Keedie’s Corner for this opportunity.


Anyone looking to work with Projeck Bo you can email him at If you want to keep up with his movement follow him on Instagram @kingprojeckbo54, Facebook @devion toy, Twitter @projeckbo and on Snapchat @projeckbo2.

How to ignite change so that all lives matter.

The question that’s weighing heavily on the minds of many is how to ignite change? How to be treated equally and have black lives actually matter. No praying, crying, rallying, killing or hating will ever give African Americans the respect they deserve. For black lives to matter, we must matter!

A few ways for black lives to matter are one, we must know our history and spiritual practices beyond slavery. I heard, “A nation without a past is a nation without a future.” Next we must practice self love and protect each other, if the system isn’t protecting us, then we must help we. No that’s not saying be the bully which we demise, but it’s saying stand up for what is right, stand together, they cant kill us all. They fear us for being dangerous, but our most dangerous muscle is the brain, let’s use our mind to fight back and use our bronze when necessary. Please sign my petition. We are trying to change the interaction between police and all civilians.  Petition for change.

Now we get down to the real answers to open the gateway for change, we must control the black dollar!! We as a culture have the least amount of buying power yet we spend the most money. I can understand how Dame Dash once said that Jewish people call black people liquid money . We as a culture must stop spending money with a system that’s oppressing us. Lets start buying from black owned businesses, lets start banking with black banks and lets sacrifice some of the amenities we are used to having in order to invest in the black community. The more we sacrifice and invest in black owned companies, the more job opportunities and resources we create for ourselves. Once we can support ourselves, we will be able to not only receive the justice that is due but we will be able to rise again.

Just one thing to ponder, even though all races endure inequality and brutality, why is it happening to the black race at such high rates vs any other race in America? Do you think other races will continue to wake up and support a system that doesn’t support them? We must wake up, stand up and build our nation up.

By: Keidra Ponder

My Life as a Virtual Vixen

Hey Lovers! My name is Ms.Cali Diamond. The name CALI of course is after my beautiful  home state of California. The name Diamond is the birthstone of a close friend who I’ve always admired because of her ability to balance the art of being Classy, Desirable and all around sexy. . So here I am , Ms.Cali Diamond. I’m a self titled Virtual Vixen. Someone who entices and turns you on, somewhat of your sexual fantasy girl in the virtual world. I want to become the worl’d 1st virtual VIXEN.

I grew up with a pretty typical Mexican-American/Chicano family. We had many family gatherings that included lots of cousins, beer drinking and loud kids at every event. Growing up was tricky for me; my parents split when I was really young and it just remained this constant battle between the two for many years after that. So when I hit my teenage years, I started becoming rebellious. My older brothers whom I had kinda looked to for guidance were not around during this time, I started to feel like I was on my own and I pretty much did what I pleased. Anger towards my father led me to relentlessly getting in trouble. My “BC” (Best Cousin is our name for each other) stepped in my life in a major way and sort of  took control, she gave me guidance, support, discipline and a real “friendship”. She’s a huge part of who I am today.

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-How long have you been a video/ chat model?

Let’s see. I was experimenting with it around 2013 but nothing too serious. I wasn’t too sure on what I was supposed to do while on Cam, and I was pretty lost when it came to know the best way to make an income out of it. So I shied away from it for a while. But I’ve been consistently doing it for almost 2 years now.

-Who introduced you to this line of work? 

It was on a total fluke! I was doing some lingerie modeling at the time for extra money and came across this ad that said  “extra money, work from home, you can cover your face and identity!” So naturally, I was intrigued! I started to do it with my BF at the time, but he wasn’t too fond of it.

-Tell us about your career, Were you always opened minded about sexuality and life

I have been in touch with my sexuality since a very young age, I was in tune with my body and knew what I liked and didn’t like. In return, this gave me a confidence about my sexual being and then gave me a confidence about myself entirely, and as a whole. And when you’re confident with yourself, you can be as sexy as you wanna be and it shows! Which is exactly what you need to be successful while camming. I look at it like this, I am a grown woman who is happy with her body and has grown to love this sexual part of herself that God gave me. So being able to showcase this as a sort of a career  is awesome. We’re human and humans like sexual pleasure!

-What have you been working on? Do you have your own booking site?

I just launched an affiliate site of chaturbate Which is called You can create a free account and become a follower of mine by looking up my username : 1trucalidiamond. My main focus right now other than trying to get more people to join, is mainly promoting myself and getting the Cali Diamond name out there so I can reach more people and eventually launch my very own platform. I want to find out what my fans and followers desire so I can cater to them as I build my brand. As of now, people looking to book me for a private show or request me personally can do so via my website (which I will list at the end of the article).

-Have you ever considered doing porn or stripping? Why are those professions different from what you do? 

I’ve considered porn for maybe two seconds and that was it! Porn just doesn’t appeal to me. I get offers to do porn all the time, but  it’s just  not something that I’d like to pursue. I actually used to do some stripping from time to time when I was younger, never in a Club setting, I mostly did the weekend house parties or bachelor parties. I was good at it and became a favorite pretty fast. But there’s a danger whenever you involve something sexual  and strange men you’ve never met, it started to become not worth the risk after a while.

-What are somethings people would be surprised to find out about your profession?

That it’s not all about sex! If camming was all about sex it wouldn’t be its own entity. If people just wanted to watch somebody have sex or get off, they could just watch porn! There’s free porn everywhere. A lot of times they want to interact with somebody they find attractive and has personality. Someone that can make them smile at the other end, or laugh, or make them feel good about themselves. For some it’s an escape to act out the fantasies they have hidden or maybe they were too embarrassed to try and pursue in their real life. It’s very much a deep personal interaction other than just sitting and watching somebody act out sexual things. Webcam Girls can very much be that ego booster or confidence builder that someone may need. Another thing that may surprise most, is the fact that probably 80% of cam models are working successful women and men who do this on their free time to make extra money.  Cam models are not all prostitutes, bimbos or uneducated women that can’t find real jobs. Some of them are your nurses, your healthcare professionals, your post office workers, they are your everyday average person

-How do you deal with the stereotypes that come with your career? Have you ever had to deal with a stalker or bully?  

Well luckily I haven’t had to deal with any stalkers. My fans and followers have been pretty awesome, so I’ve been grateful for that. Stereotypes come with everything you do, pretty much so I am beyond grateful that you guys reached out to me so I have the chance to enlighten some of those people who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to know these things.

-What are your ultimate life goals?

That question is so simple and I will keep it short. My Ultimate life goal is to build a type of foundation for my family and I that is so strong that it can’t be taken away from me even if the all else fails.

– What are some things people should know about you?

For starters I’d like people to understand the dedication I have to my work. I’m an easy going and friendly person, I’m all about accommodating you and finding out what you’d like to see on my shows. My biggest turn on is turning my viewers on. I get excited when I have an ability to give you what you wanted. People work hard for their money and want a good show, I know because I’ve done it all my life which leads me to the other thing I’d like people to know about me. Although I’m an adult entertainer, I’m a regular person too. I did receive an actual education, I did receive an AA Degree and I did the whole 8-5 bust and grind in a very respectable field, so camming  is something that I want to do,  NOT something that I ONLY know how to do. I honestly do this because I like it ,and it’s exciting. I love the interaction with people so I believe that it comes out in my shows I give.

★☆★☆★Flame Time★☆★☆★

-Do you have any shout outs? 

Yes!! First and Foremost shout out to Mike and his Sweet Sister Keedie for reaching out and seeing something in Cali Diamond enough to want to know more about me. I’m beyond flattered. S/O to my Mom, “BC” and my “LoverFace” for loving me through something they weren’t quite sure of and supporting me anyways.

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-Remind the readers where they can go to watch your performances