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My Life as a Virtual Vixen

Hey Lovers! My name is Ms.Cali Diamond. The name CALI of course is after my beautiful  home state of California. The name Diamond is the birthstone of a close friend who I’ve always admired because of her ability to balance the art of being Classy, Desirable and all around sexy. . So here I am , Ms.Cali Diamond. I’m a self titled Virtual Vixen. Someone who entices and turns you on, somewhat of your sexual fantasy girl in the virtual world. I want to become the worl’d 1st virtual VIXEN.

I grew up with a pretty typical Mexican-American/Chicano family. We had many family gatherings that included lots of cousins, beer drinking and loud kids at every event. Growing up was tricky for me; my parents split when I was really young and it just remained this constant battle between the two for many years after that. So when I hit my teenage years, I started becoming rebellious. My older brothers whom I had kinda looked to for guidance were not around during this time, I started to feel like I was on my own and I pretty much did what I pleased. Anger towards my father led me to relentlessly getting in trouble. My “BC” (Best Cousin is our name for each other) stepped in my life in a major way and sort of  took control, she gave me guidance, support, discipline and a real “friendship”. She’s a huge part of who I am today.

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-How long have you been a video/ chat model?

Let’s see. I was experimenting with it around 2013 but nothing too serious. I wasn’t too sure on what I was supposed to do while on Cam, and I was pretty lost when it came to know the best way to make an income out of it. So I shied away from it for a while. But I’ve been consistently doing it for almost 2 years now.

-Who introduced you to this line of work? 

It was on a total fluke! I was doing some lingerie modeling at the time for extra money and came across this ad that said  “extra money, work from home, you can cover your face and identity!” So naturally, I was intrigued! I started to do it with my BF at the time, but he wasn’t too fond of it.

-Tell us about your career, Were you always opened minded about sexuality and life

I have been in touch with my sexuality since a very young age, I was in tune with my body and knew what I liked and didn’t like. In return, this gave me a confidence about my sexual being and then gave me a confidence about myself entirely, and as a whole. And when you’re confident with yourself, you can be as sexy as you wanna be and it shows! Which is exactly what you need to be successful while camming. I look at it like this, I am a grown woman who is happy with her body and has grown to love this sexual part of herself that God gave me. So being able to showcase this as a sort of a career  is awesome. We’re human and humans like sexual pleasure!

-What have you been working on? Do you have your own booking site?

I just launched an affiliate site of chaturbate Which is called You can create a free account and become a follower of mine by looking up my username : 1trucalidiamond. My main focus right now other than trying to get more people to join, is mainly promoting myself and getting the Cali Diamond name out there so I can reach more people and eventually launch my very own platform. I want to find out what my fans and followers desire so I can cater to them as I build my brand. As of now, people looking to book me for a private show or request me personally can do so via my website (which I will list at the end of the article).

-Have you ever considered doing porn or stripping? Why are those professions different from what you do? 

I’ve considered porn for maybe two seconds and that was it! Porn just doesn’t appeal to me. I get offers to do porn all the time, but  it’s just  not something that I’d like to pursue. I actually used to do some stripping from time to time when I was younger, never in a Club setting, I mostly did the weekend house parties or bachelor parties. I was good at it and became a favorite pretty fast. But there’s a danger whenever you involve something sexual  and strange men you’ve never met, it started to become not worth the risk after a while.

-What are somethings people would be surprised to find out about your profession?

That it’s not all about sex! If camming was all about sex it wouldn’t be its own entity. If people just wanted to watch somebody have sex or get off, they could just watch porn! There’s free porn everywhere. A lot of times they want to interact with somebody they find attractive and has personality. Someone that can make them smile at the other end, or laugh, or make them feel good about themselves. For some it’s an escape to act out the fantasies they have hidden or maybe they were too embarrassed to try and pursue in their real life. It’s very much a deep personal interaction other than just sitting and watching somebody act out sexual things. Webcam Girls can very much be that ego booster or confidence builder that someone may need. Another thing that may surprise most, is the fact that probably 80% of cam models are working successful women and men who do this on their free time to make extra money.  Cam models are not all prostitutes, bimbos or uneducated women that can’t find real jobs. Some of them are your nurses, your healthcare professionals, your post office workers, they are your everyday average person

-How do you deal with the stereotypes that come with your career? Have you ever had to deal with a stalker or bully?  

Well luckily I haven’t had to deal with any stalkers. My fans and followers have been pretty awesome, so I’ve been grateful for that. Stereotypes come with everything you do, pretty much so I am beyond grateful that you guys reached out to me so I have the chance to enlighten some of those people who otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to know these things.

-What are your ultimate life goals?

That question is so simple and I will keep it short. My Ultimate life goal is to build a type of foundation for my family and I that is so strong that it can’t be taken away from me even if the all else fails.

– What are some things people should know about you?

For starters I’d like people to understand the dedication I have to my work. I’m an easy going and friendly person, I’m all about accommodating you and finding out what you’d like to see on my shows. My biggest turn on is turning my viewers on. I get excited when I have an ability to give you what you wanted. People work hard for their money and want a good show, I know because I’ve done it all my life which leads me to the other thing I’d like people to know about me. Although I’m an adult entertainer, I’m a regular person too. I did receive an actual education, I did receive an AA Degree and I did the whole 8-5 bust and grind in a very respectable field, so camming  is something that I want to do,  NOT something that I ONLY know how to do. I honestly do this because I like it ,and it’s exciting. I love the interaction with people so I believe that it comes out in my shows I give.

★☆★☆★Flame Time★☆★☆★

-Do you have any shout outs? 

Yes!! First and Foremost shout out to Mike and his Sweet Sister Keedie for reaching out and seeing something in Cali Diamond enough to want to know more about me. I’m beyond flattered. S/O to my Mom, “BC” and my “LoverFace” for loving me through something they weren’t quite sure of and supporting me anyways.

– Your contact info and social media links

-Remind the readers where they can go to watch your performances

Successful Grand Opening Sparks Promising Future for Pete White Boxing & MMA


After 6 years of hard work and dedication Pete White has finally expanded his organization to it’s own facility for his beloved team and the wait was long over due!

Pete got his start in training simply training his son self defense in boxing. His sons friends took notice and wanted to dip their hands in it as well. Before you know it Pete had himself a mini camp. Over the years, the sport of Boxing and MMA has grown so much that the amateur levels of the both sports has grown tremendously. Pete’s team kept expanding and pretty soon they got to a level where they wanted to start competing.

This is when Pete wanted to expand his knowledge with not only Boxing but also the other divisions inside of MMA (Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, etc). He started to outsource to various gyms which in some ways made him self a traveling camp. Before long his camp simply grew to large and Pete had to put things together to put his fighters under their own personal roof.

At the time period where Pete was going from gym to gym he took on a role as a mentor. He pushed fighters to excel further in the sports while he also got deeper into the boxing training. Through this journey he was blessed to have the opportunity to meet guys who where highly advanced in different parts of the sport.

Wanderley Camilo – Pro MMA Fighter / Black Belt BJJ
David Nobrega – BJJ and MMA Instructor
Jon Radford – MMA Fighter / Pad Work Instructor

Outside of the guys pictured above they also have Carlos Valentine as their Muay Thia instructor, and fighters such as Anderson Hutchinson, Michael Guillen and Michael Davis who all contribute to the up and coming fighters.

Some Fighters

Boxing – Kenmon Evans pro 2-0 . Michael Guillen pro 2-0 . Michael Davis pro 2-0 . Also, William Fauth. MMA – Anderson Hutchinson 5-1 pro , Michael Davis 2-0 pro , Wanderley Camilo 7-5 pro , Chris Jacobs pro debut , also Alex Nicholson boxing coach.


Pete and Alex Nicholson recently shook up the local scene with their appearance in the UFC octagon. Nicholson will appear in the octagon again on July 13th. Pete has several fighters following in the same footsteps holding several ammy and pro championship belts in MMA and Boxing.

2014 MMA Coach of the Year

All-in-all, the over all energy of the grand opening felt like complete love. Everyone was in great spirits and I see a bright future for Pete White Boxing & MMA. He said his goal is to have a World Champion in both MMA and Boxing. When I asked him what is the most rewarding thing he gets from training young fighters this was his response below

“The best thing is seeing the look on these kids faces when the succeed. When they feel good about themselves. When their parents give them a hug after they win and show them how proud they are of them. When team mates look out for each other like they are stronger bonded then blood relatives.”

He has definitely built a foundation that is built like a family and I was happy to see it in person. He also gives huge credit to his wife Deborah White for handling a lot of the business which gives him a lot more time to behands on with his fighters. We wish you great success in the future Pete and keep pushing these young men to the stars.


Pete also wanted to say how proud he was of his daughter Taylor. She has been having great success in weightlifting and has also been putting in hard work in the MMA field as well. You girl Taylor!

Facebook Pete White also Pete White Boxing and MMA. / Instagram pwbmma /. Twitter @petewhiteboxing /. Address 601 Lemon St. Port Orange, FL

“Special thanks to Elmo Sutherland. Jeff and Nina Hayes, Jason Patrick as well as All my coaches and team. My wife and family. The tons of friends and all the great promoters out there. So many people play a part in this teams success. Watch what the future holds because we are only getting stronger everyday. Thanks the the big guy above for taking care of us all and thank you Bruce Walton/ Keedie’s Corner for covering our event.”



So people are upset that they chose Serena Williams over the horse American Pharaoh?

Now, before I dig into what bothers me about this situation lets give credit where credit is due. American Pharaoh credentials…

American Pharoah (foaled February 2, 2012) is an American Thoroughbred racehorse who won the American Triple Crown and the Breeders’ Cup Classic in 2015. In winning all four races, he became the first horse to win the “Grand Slam” of American horse racing. He won 7 of his 8 total races this year. Kudos to his jockey (Victor Espinoza) training staff and owner (Ahmed Zayat of Zayat Stables, trained by Bob Baffert).

Now for Serena’s year. Williams won 53 of the 56 matches she played this year, including three of the four Grand Slam events, and held the No. 1 spot in the WTA rankings every week.

Now the fact that the award is called “Sportsperson“should tell you were I’m headed with this. On top of that, humans have been the only ones to win this award since its birth. Below are a couple of quotes from Sports Illustrated about the issue.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 17.42.14.png

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 17.42.57.png

I don’t even want to declare who is more deserving of the award. I really want to speak on another issue that was brought back to my attention. Before I do I want touch on another matter at hand and it is the regard for human lives and its new perception in society.

We have being dealing with a uncanny year when it comes to national tragedy. One is, what seems to be a epidemic to me,  the mass murders/brutality of citizens from the hands of the police. Also, we have had another bad year of terrorist attacks. From the white supremacist Dylann Roof shooting and killing nine black people during a Bible study at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in an attempt to spark a race war, to the Colorado Springs shooting that stemmed from an anti-abortion movement, to the San Bernardino, CA shooting which was ruled terrorism, to the ISIS attacks in Italy. Also, the hundreds of attacks that occurred in other countries that never made top news in America. These situations have really shed light on the true colors of how certain people value certain lives over others. Especially when it comes to race. One case being the most recent backlash the Muslim Americans have been getting do to the rise of terror to the hands of ISIS. Some feel that the banishing of all Muslims is the only way to solve the act on terror whens it comes to ISIS. This method is highly absurd to me but we can touch on this issue at a later time. My focus is a tad bit different.


Today I want to speak on Human lives vs (wild/domestic) Animal lives. One situation in particularly started this thought process of mine. The call to boycott Micheal Vick from signing to the Pittsburg Steelers. As you know Micheal Vick did close to 2 years in prison on charges of felony dog fighting conspiracy. 20,000 animal activist and Steelers fans signed a petition in hopes that the deal to sign Vick would dissipate. Unfortunately, for them, the deal went through and Vick joined the team. Since Vick’s situation with dog fighting he has bounced back remarkably. He paid his depth to society, took all blame, and even joined forces with HSUS to help stop the underground activity of dog fighting. The confusing part about this situation is that Ben Roethlisberger was accused of rape back in 2008. And it’s not like he won the case or got acquitted, they simply dropped the case and settled out of court. The same exact situation happened again this time in 2010. Ben was hit with a 6 game suspension that time.


Yet, no one seems to care about these women’s lives. It seems Pittsburgh fans just brushed this under the rug and welcomed there beloved Ben back with open arms. Now can I blame Pittsburgh fans for not boycotting Big Ben like they did Vick, technically no, seeing that they all my not be women rights activist. In the same note I’m pretty sure not all those who signed the petition weren’t only animal activist.

It continues. This time with the fall of Cecil the Lion and Jimmy Kimmels reaction to it. See the clip below.

Jimmy Kimmel – Killing of Cecil Lion (Video)

Before I over reacted I searched for the big stories of African Americans being killed by police officers/neighborhood watchmen (Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Micheal Brown) seeing that they would most likely be covered, and couldn’t find one reaction video from Kimmel. I’m not saying there wasn’t a reaction but I was just really hoping he had the same kind of reaction for these lives, as well. He did bring Obama to his show to speak about Ferguson, but its wasn’t as intense. Kimmel even had time to squeeze in a joke. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know his personal connection with Cecil and I’m not attacking his empathy towards human life. I’m simply making a case about public perception towards human life.  It seems as though the fight in the media is to prove wether or not people deserved to die verses stopping them from dying in the first place. Now just imagine how that may be perceived in the public eyes to constantly see the media trying to justify some one dying by police because they may have been a “criminal”  or “thug”?

Now going back to this Serena vs Pharaoh situation. I don’t follow horse racing so when I first Google’d him my initial reaction was “a horse?”. After I took the time to think about it I said to myself “Well, they do have to keep up with the horse, train the horse, etc. so you can’t take that away from them.” Yet, I can’t help but think that, well, why would they want them to race if they are known for getting killed if they endure an injury? I mean, for those who put animal lives so high why would they even want this sport to have light shed on it, right? They don’t feel this is exploitation of animals just as well as dog fighting? I’m pretty sure a horse would’t race on it’s own. This is extreme but I feel it is necessary to put into the light. I don’t feel people can be half way activist. Like those who boycotted Vick, I wonder if they eat meat or costume products that come from the death of animals.


Right now what I’m seeking is understanding. I had an incident happen that hit home for me and my community. A local woman went viral after posting a picture of her dog with his mouth tapped shut with the caption “this is what happens when you don’t shut up.” I have to be completely honest, from the things I have posted about the “Black Lives Matter” movement I have created a lot of tension with my fellow comrads on my Facebook account. Mainly, if not only, from white people. Amazingly, some of the same people who argued that “those thugs shouldn’t have broken the law” when speaking of the lives that were lost to the hands of police, came together unitedly and with vengeance to catch this woman. The woman was found I believe a week later. My thoughts were “Hmmm, now just imagine if they cared about human lives in the same manner”.

The understanding I want is what am I missing? What would make a person value animal life over human life? I rebuttal myself by saying maybe these people feel this way because animals can’t defend themselves. Which is very true. My thing is if we can’t value human life first, being that we are humans, how can we value anything for that matter? If the point of saving animals lives is for the sake of the Earth then aren’t human lives the most important seeing that we are the dominant species of the planet Earth? We, as humans, have the ability the restore this hell on Earth. To me this is a sign that people have given up on humanity. Maybe they feel that humans are a lost cause and that some people just won’t change. Maybe all we have left is the natural instinct that animals have to just nurture the planet. I hope this isn’t true and I’m am sorry if animals lovers feel they are being attacked. That is definitely not the case. I’m purely just a man who feels that saving the humans should be the leading agenda of saving the Earth. I also apologize for going off subject with the Serena and Pharaoh situation, as well. I think this was just my breaking point.

The reason why I’m comparing this situation is because I feel that why publicly take away Serena’s win for a horse that doesn’t even have feelings to be upset about not winning? Why can’t people just be happy that an animal was even considered in a an award race the caters to humans? Thats just my thoughts. My opinion isn’t law.


P.S., Caitlyn Jenner won Woman of the Year and she has a Penis….but I’m sure no one will outrage that one. Hmmmmm…..



Bruce Walton

Keedie’s Corner 2015