Artist in the Spot Light: Briggs

It’s Mike of Keedie’s Corner and I’m here with Briggs, a producer shooting his way to the top! Welcome to The Corner, can you give the viewers out there a little background info on who Briggs is? I’ve been around the game for about 19 yrs now, I’ve been blessed to have worked with Torch from MMG and JimContinue reading “Artist in the Spot Light: Briggs”

Federal judge upholds majority of SAFE act (New York)

Gun control advocates won a major victory Tuesday, but the fight over New York’s SAFE Act is far from over. An appeal of Chief U.S. District Judge William M. Skretny’s decision upholding most of the new law is all but guaranteed. And that appeal may come from supporters of the law, as well. “I thinkContinue reading “Federal judge upholds majority of SAFE act (New York)”