Top Artist of TopMics Atlanta

  TopMics artist showcase is a platform for indie artist to exhibit their talents. Their show in Atlanta brought out a few fresh faces and some known ones as well. The event was presented by DJ 3000 of 3000 Ent at Knockouts bar and lounge. The crowd was vibrant as the artist showed love to each other. The specialContinue reading “Top Artist of TopMics Atlanta”

Artist in the Spotlight; D-Lo Suave

 We’re back with a new artist in the spotlight, we have Texas native D-Lo Suave on The Corner to share his story. This young multi-talented musician is making waves in the vast sea. Mr. D-Lo Suave is a man with many gifts and he has brought his story to Keedie’s Corner. Read along and get a feelContinue reading “Artist in the Spotlight; D-Lo Suave”

This 13 Year Old Stand-Out Is Ready To Shake The World!!!

Who’s this? This is Savannah Korabic from Long Island, NY. After she captures you with her stunning voice and poppy energy you will be absolutely blown back once you learn that she is only 13 years old! Yes, 13! She says she was inspired to do music during her first visit to Midtown Recording StudioContinue reading “This 13 Year Old Stand-Out Is Ready To Shake The World!!!”