Happy birthday to Bruce Walton Jr. from your family at Keedie’s Corner


Happy Birthday Bruce from your family at Keedie’s Corner. God sets the path we cannot see, we must trust it and you my brother are on your path. I have literally watched you blossom into the Gawd you are.

A lot may not know this, but when I started Keedie’s Corner I reached out to the hometown artists and Bruce was one of those Artist. He said he was thankful for the opportunity but he was interested in writing the stories more than telling his story. And boom! We are here. No matter how many miles or how many days are between us, he has stayed down. His drive speaks volumes for his character, he really does this for the people. Bruce is a Performer, MMA Fighter, Published Author, Journalist, Photographer and a brother of mine. Please show him some love ❤️ Thank you King for all you do!



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