Artist in the Spot Light: Nina Beretta


Nina Beretta is coming out strong, packing punches and punch lines. Growing up on the West Coast, Nina has a good start and plans to make a grand finish. Read along as Keedie’s Corner scratches the surface of her story.

Q:    Introduce yourself to the readers, let them know where you’re from. What label do you represent or are you an independent artist?

A:    Hi , I go by Nina Beretta alias Vision Complex. I am co owner of GrimmStyle Musik LLC ( pronounced Grimm like the reaper) a minor major indie. I own the company with my blood brother, producer Big E. Our ultimate goal is to get Grimm Style picked up by a major label.

Q:    What type of music did you grow up on? Who are some of your influences?

A:    I grew up on soul music, Tina Turner, Chaka Chan and Isley Brothers, which was before my time, but my mother kept these greats in rotation. Tina Turner actually sparked my interest to get into music.

Q:    How was it for you growing up in your neighborhood?

A:    I never had one constant environment growing up. I was born in Los Angeles and must of moved all over L.A. by the time I was ten. From there I moved to San Diego and then back to Los Angeles and back again. I never had solid roots. In some ways I wish I did in other ways Im grateful because it caused me to be able to adapt to my surroundings, it also taught me to be self reliant and strong on my own.

Q:    What have you been working on ?

A:     I currently am working on an EP titled “WET” Beretta Musik Vol 1. that will be completed Sept 11. I have just released the first single “Its Not A Problem” and the accompanying video which can be seen on my website

Q:  What artist and producers have you worked with?

A:  Gosh I have worked with so many people over the years. My top fave records have been w/  Don Diego , Big June , Ecay Uno , Abstract Rude , Red Rum Oyg, and the Pharcyde. Far as producers My brother will always be my favorite. My second faves that I’ve worked with Steve Vicious and Nick Noxx.

Q:   Which do you prefer being on stage or being in the studio? And why?

A:   I prefer performing, It’s just my niche. I got a purpose with this rap music and when I am performing I truly believe my whole being my past pains and triumphs can be felt . I like showing that a woman like myself, a single mom, a woman coming from all I’ve come from can do this. I know for atleast one person watching I’m bringing hope. That means everything to me.

Q:  Which songs are you getting the most positive feed back from? Which ones are your fans feeling the most?

A:   “Its Not A Problem” has gotten great feed back, my personal fave is “Make Sure You Love Her” both of these can be heard on my soundcloud – . Aside from writing and performing I also record all my records on my own. So aside from folks liking the songs I also feel proud that I also created them start to finish.

Q:   Do men perceive you as a play toy or a real rapper? Some men don’t respect women in the industry the same as they do fellow males. Have you come across that? How did you handle the situation if so?

A: I am respected. I carry myself in a way that you are going to respect me or your going to not say anything to me don’t even look over here. I am here for a purpose and that’s it.

Q:  If not rap, what career would you like to embark on?

A:  Phycology and law

Q:  What level of success would you have to reach to feel as if you made it?

A:  I have to be able to buy my mother a house.

Q:  What would you like to be remembered for when its all said and done and the lights go out?

A:  That I did what they said I couldn’t even begin.

★☆★☆★Flame Time★☆★☆★

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  • Words of wisdom

Listen, never compromise yourself. Never doubt yourself. Be clear hearted be respectful stay intuned with your higher power and get yours. Just never forget why you started and never forget who will be there when no one else is.


Keedie’s Corner,  2015

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