Artist in the Spotlight: Janelle Frampton, Makeup Artist and Homeland Security Agent

Hello readers this is an exclusive interview on  for the beautiful and talented Janelle Hampton done by none other than Mike Ice of Ice Ent.


Pleasure to meet you Mike. Thank you so much! As I said, I would love to do an interview for your online magazine. It’s great that your magazine brings artists of all genres in for a spotlight. Love that spread the love feel in the community. Your website is also very clean and well organized. Very impressed!

I try to bring all sides of the world together along with my sister Keedie aka Keidra. She’s the CEO of Keedie’s Corner, I’m just Chief Operating Officer. But yeah I seen your page and I was quite impressed, what’s it like working for homeland security, sounds very interesting.What are some things the public really wouldn’t know about your job title that you would like them to know?

That’s really great! It definitely brings in a diverse audience that way. You know, I love my job with Homeland Security. I feel like I can use both sides of my brain. My analytical and precision side gets  put to work along with my creative side. It provides a great balance for me as an artist. But there’s restrictiveness and freedom. I’m restricted in the fact that I can’t discuss in detail what I do for DHS, and the freedom to create virtually anything as an artist. Each is an outlet of different perspectives and experiences. Both allow me to travel and experience public diversity in many different ways.

Very impressive and well understood about being apart of the government. What were some obstacles you’ve had to overcome? When it’s all said and done pretty much when Janelle leaves this earth what do you want your legacy and your impact on this world to be?

Thank you. It is, and it just works both ways for us. I am originally from a quite, and charming little gem of a town named Show Low, AZ. It was the country life growing up. Playing in the dirt, being and knowing all your neighbors by their first name. I had the chance to experience all four seasons. I guess one of the greatest obstacles was that living in a small town creates in a sense, a security blanket feel. Then when you’re exposed to a big city, and the city life, it’s quite the culture shock! The obstacle being that you just have to get used to everything being so different. Again two different worlds there. But I love it! I always love learning and experiencing new cultures and how everything and everyone is so diverse from one another. It’s really a beautiful thing to make memories of. That’s also a great part of my drive and inspiration to keep going. I want to continue to experience these great things and to take as much out of this short life on earth as I can. Once you realize that you can’t get enough in even the smallest details in life and what surrounds you.


If you had to say what is the highlight of your career and what was the most down and out time of your career? Is it any music that motivates you while doing your job? How do you wind down after work? Does your family support your career or they rather you do something else?

The highlight of my career is definitely working with other people. I love hearing about their life, trials, errors and what they aspire to do. That stays with me, the substance of the individuals that I meet in my career, it gives you something really priceless. I would say the hardest part of my job is just always being stretched in so many different directions. I enjoy the challenge of learning new things, doing it on my own. I dabble in so many other art forms, and even in different skills with DHS. I love learning! I wish there were more of me to help out. Can I put in an assistant position, help wanted ad in with this interview?? Only kidding, but I keep up pretty well considering all my tasks at hand. My taste in music is very eclectic. I can get energy from EDM, chill to some old rock, or put some pep in my step with today’s top 40’s. I really don’t have a certain genre that I favor above others, if I like it, I like it. Labels are nonexistent to me. Some of my favorite ways to wind down from work is to have a glass of wine, or take a bath with some cool galactic bath bombs I’ve just discovered. But one of my favorite ways is to just go out and take a walk in nature.  It really is renewing and renergizing for the soul. Spending that extra time with loved ones is also precious to me. My family does support what I do in every aspect. They keep me grounded, they keep me focused.

That’s a very heart felt response, now I’m gonna tap in on a heartfelt sensitive subject. I want to touch on this subject of Mexicans and Donald trump can we speak on that or pass?

Sure, I don’t normally speak on politics. But I’ll definitely voice my opinion if asked.

With you being of Mexican decent what are your thoughts on the whole situation if trump gets elected president and wants to build a wall separating Mexico from Arizona. Are we facing racial profiling and sexism?

Being in the position I am  in with my career, it definitely gives me understanding on why we can’t be so lax,  but with that being said, I do feel there are better ways to handle the situation. Boxing us in this “untouchable”  territory is not going to be the answer to our concerns. Humanity is trending towards hate, greed, war, and gain. We should be evolving in that area where we are so consumed by the fear of it all. It’s making us devolve in a sense. We’re not making any progress as a human race in that area. Trump will be catastrophic to that cause. I truly have great concern with him being in a position of power. He’s just…disconnected. I feel he has ulterior motives. The good for one, but not for all mindset. I love people of all cultures, diversitys, backgrounds, etc. There’s good and bad in all of us. I feel strongly that educating in areas such as tolerance and acceptance is key for our future growth. It’s so engrained in some people because of how they were raised, it’s not necessarily their fault. They just don’t know anything beyond their way of what they were taught. We aren’t born with hate in out hearts, rather than dividing us as a people, we need to unite. We can’t seem to quite get there though. We are blocked by old teachings, negative media, social brainwashing on a daily basis. Hell yes! We’re strong, independent, free thinking women!

I’m from California and I’m having second thoughts of moving to Arizona instead of California what can you tell me about your home state that would persuade me to move there. When it comes to your family like do you like being a home maker; cooking, cleaning, nurturing or are you the tomboy type that likes more physical activities. Do you enjoy sports?


There are so many things to love about Arizona! Here you can see the most amazing sunsets, experience the four seasons, hike, bike, and explore. You can drive some miles in any direction and find yourself in beautiful vast woodland areas, deserts, forests, and fields. It’s peaceful, serene, wonderful. You can find everything in Arizona. The world really is at your fingertips here. There are so many different communities as well. Whatever your interest, I’m certain you could find it here. There’s a great support system in Az. I would definitely say I am a pleaser when it comes to my family. I want to make sure they have everything, experience everything, and also to protect them from everything. Which I know is impossible, but damn straight I will try! I do enjoy cooking, especially trying new dishes! I love to make dishes that are popular in other cultures to get a taste for different cuisines. I definitely have a strong motherly nature, and also a very protective one, I’ll do anything for my family. Because I have so many interests, I’m also able to keep up with the boys! Always learning about cars by watching how-to YouTube videos. Knowledge is just a click away. I want to be self sufficient in everything I do. I know I’m capable of anything, just as everyone is. It’s just a matter of trying. I do enjoy some sports. You can enjoy anything when you look for a particular point of interest in it. I do love getting all dressed up as well! High heels, dresses, makeup, the whole deal. I can go either way, I’m adaptable to the scenario and situation. I guess that’s just part of my laid back personality, just like I don’t believe in boredom, or stagnation. There’s always a way to make it better, get creative! You are your own entertainer

And that Janelle is a wrap! I would have never known a homeland security agent would have been this highly adventurous and colorful until I encountered Ms. Janelle Frampton!

I’m so glad I could share my story so that people can see that we are all individual and unique. I guess the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover is certainly true! Thank you so much for your time as well. It was a pleasure speaking with you and doing this interview.


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