Keedie’s Corner In-House Written Articles

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The Beauty of the Islam Religion. Two Daytona Beach Women Tell the Stories Behind the Hardship of Practicing Their Religion in America.

Daytona Beach Own Robert Brown Expected to be Impact Player in the Next Game

Anderson Silva’s final kick at UFC 168

Keedies Corner Post Fight Interview @Breakthrough MMA Event

“The Boondocks” Return for a Fourth Season

Fans Flood Social Media with Controversy Over Deontay Wilder’s Knockout

“She’ll Break Her Back” (poetry)

“Gold Teeth” Poetry

Did Marshall “Eddie” Conway and Rapper Lil Boosie Actually Get Released on the Same Day?

Charlie Clips vs Tsu Surf (battle lyrics) Rnd. 1

Adrien Broner finally takes loss!! What’s next for the young boxer?

How I found love at Love Covenant Life Center

Crowd Control Broke The Knob!!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 30 years later

Winding down on a Wednesday in Atlanta

How did the MTV Commercial for the “White Squad” rub you?


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